Hidden Cost

So you think that building a happy future for you depends on having a strong relationship with a woman you’re in love with… If this makes sense to you, this means you’re overlooking the hidden cost of a relationship, and how much it really sets you back – instead of taking you forward, in terms of achieving the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

You see, when men engage in seducing, charming and keeping women in a relationship, they’re always losing a lot more than what they’re convinced that they can win. Are you doubting it? Here’s a familiar example that you can relate to.

If you go back to your high school days for a moment, you’ll realize you were always left with the need to entertain the opposite sex, either with gifts, attention or both. You invested a lot of your time and money in relationships that would eventually end, and you’d often bounce back with someone prettier, smarter and sexier. Yet, you never thought about what each relationship took away from you – in terms of money as well as energy.

Now come back to your present life as an adult, and again ask yourself: how much is your current relationship costing you? How better off is it leaving you? How happy is it really making you? And how much closer is it bringing you to accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your dreams?

Relationships Aren’t Cheap

The answers to these questions are surely as surprising as they are disappointing. The truth is that relationships aren’t cheap. They often don’t bring you as much value as you assign to them, and they keep you from being the successful man you want to be (however you define success). You’re always having to pick up the bill at every date, trip, birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift, make-up gift, flowers, and even your girlfriend’s personal bills. And, to make things worse, more often than not, you’ll be blamed and criticized for the most ridiculous things – while paying to be treated in a way that certainly wasn’t part of your romantic dreams.

Oh, yes, I forgot… nowadays modern women want independence, and they want to have their own things without depending on men… Really? Well, when it comes to relationships, women still expect men to pay for almost everything (if not everything).

Plus, they’re like some kind of surreal loan shark: they always want more because nothing that you ever say, buy or do is enough. They complain because you work too much, but they also want you to go on a romantic trip to fantasy island for God knows how much time… while paying for everything. I mean, how is that even possible?

Your Time is Absolutely Precious

If you give it some thought, and especially if you put your emotions and social conventions aside, you’ll end up asking yourself what are you really doing, throwing your personal interests away for the sake of a relationship that doesn’t make you that happy, and which may end up at any time, leaving you poorer and feeling miserable.

Make no mistake: even more than money, your time is absolutely precious – and, unlike money, you can’t make more of it. Every minute that you waste trying to make someone happy while forgetting about what could make YOU happy is a lost minute that is never coming back. So do you really want to be wasting your time with a woman that doesn’t appreciate you for all that you are – no matter how beautiful, smart, sexy and bedroom-friendly she may be?

Think in terms of what you get in return. If you spend your time seducing women, you really get nothing of value – only wasted time, wasted money and wasted opportunities. Still, if you instead spend your time learning and perfecting new skills, your life will improve tremendously, you’ll make more money, have more opportunities, and will get to enjoy life so much more than a few dead-end romances would allow you to.

You Never Lose Women Chasing Money

“You can lose a lot of money chasing women but you will never lose women chasing money.” This movie quote couldn’t make more sense. Can you imagine what would happen if you knocked up your high school sweetheart? You could say good bye to your financial independence and to so many things that you would no longer experience. With current child support laws taking a third of your income after taxes, you’d be broke, working lousy jobs, acquiring no skills, and looking at a very bleak future. Is it really worth it?

So the main point here is that you shouldn’t lose yourself and what really matters the most to you. It’s time to forget about chasing women and start chasing your dreams. It’s time to put the $200 that you’d spend on each date into building your empire as you’ve planned it. It’s time for you to take your personal life project forward – the one that can make you feel as happy about yourself as you always wanted to be.

And remember: if a there’s a woman who is worthy of you out there, she’ll eventually find you only to admire you for all that you’ve built, and certainly not for all that you’d spend on her.

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— Al Greeze