In todays society every man needs a woman who is self-sufficient. A woman he can hold a conversation with. A woman who brings something to the table and still take care of the family. But, somewhere along the way, the gender lines are getting blurred and modern women fail to appreciate tradition. Whether speaking of premarital sex, dating, chivalry, or parenting, modern women are taking equality too far. Some might even go as far as saying that equality is making men obsolete.

One of the many hot topics of the recent Women’s March in Washington was equal pay for men and women. However, why is this a topic of discussion? Let’s take it back to the stone age. Men are the protectors, and women are gatherers. Just look at us physically, we were born to provide. It’s great that women want to contribute financially, why try to out-earn your man, or compete with him. No other culture compete against their men like modern American women. Make enough spending money, or a bit to save for a rainy day—but leave the breadwinning to the man of the house. Feel free to scale back a bit after you get married and have children. When and if you do return to work, remember you’ve taken time off to raise your family, so your male counterparts will make more than you do. And for the men with the same tenure and experience will make more, they simply know how to leverage and negotiate—a skill women aren’t born with.


Why Do You Want To Be A Single Mom

There is a long list of single moms, who would give anything to find a good man after making a piss poor decision to become a single mom. But modern women they think they can do it all—including raising a baby solo. While we’re down with birth control to keep you for your premarital pregnancy, test-tube babies from random sperm donors just aren’t natural. Men are still needed to be the positive role models for both boys and girls. Stop breeding a generation of bastard kids and young thugs in training who disrespect men as much as you do. Let’s not forget the economic benefits of marriage and how wealth is started. You will better provide for your family in a two-parent household. This will give your kids more access to secondary education and the financial freedom to explore their interests. Don’t make your kids suffer due to your poor decision making, so that you can make a point.  Your change in values has created a generation of children with no respect and a community of despair.  Rewind a generation or two, and the average woman got married around college age—but modern women are letting this number get higher and higher. Many women are waiting until their 30s, while choosing to work on their profession.  Traditional women understand the sacred bond between man and woman, and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to find good men. The traditional women understood the value of a companion, husband, provider, a father, and not a baby daddy. Modern women get protection, a provider and services not from men but from the government. Modern women require more services from the government than tradition women who relied on their spouses.

Leave Something To The Imagination

Your power suit is cute, but men like their ladies to look like women. Your yoga pants look comfortable, but leggings aren’t pants. Your low-cut, barely there dress is hot—and yes it will turn our heads. But don’t expect us to take you seriously if you don’t know how to dress like a lady. What they say is true, we want a lady in the street and a freak in bed. Cover it up in public, and once we earn the right—keep your goodies between you and me.  Speaking of freak in bed, modern women are too easy. I won’t lie, if given a green light, most men aren’t going to say no. Protect yourself, planed parenthood has over twenty ways women can protect themselves from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Now that you are focused on your career and still have the need for causal sex, the longer you wait to settle down, and keep accumulating sexual partners,  the lower your stock becomes. Most men prefer younger women, just stating a fact! Finally, men and women are never “just friends” so stop hanging around with so many dudes! Not a good look!

There’s No Such Thing As An “Open” Relationship

The whole point of being in a relationship is to be committed to one person. This modern trend of open relationships is one no self-respecting woman would consider. Cheating is cheating; there’s no way around it. No decent man wants a modern woman who lets anyone interested have what is rightfully his. A traditional woman understands that a man is her king, her one and only—and she never steps out of bounds. So no, you can’t be part of a committed couple, but have casual sex with other men or women. No swingers allowed.

Just Admit You Need Our Help

Yes, you do! It’s cute; we tell our toddlers they can be and do anything they want to be when they grow up. However, the world simply doesn’t work that way. Just look at us, we are stronger than you, we think faster, and we have better instincts. Again, this is simply nature—men are programmed to be the fixers. A traditional lady lets her man do the heavy lifting, the mechanical projects, the really hard work. Want to help? Apply a fresh coat of paint to the home we build for you, and cook our dinner after our long day at work. While you’re at it, stop listening to the pop songs that make you believe you are Superwoman—just like Prince Charming, Superwoman is a fantasy. Still not convinced? Superman was lonely and miserable until he met Lois Lane. Give up your silly need for power, and let a man cherish, love, and protect you.

This whole gender-fluid trend is an absurdity. Seconds after you were born, your gender was confirmed—if not before, during the sonogram. This nonsense about embracing both your feminine and masculine sides is mad. You are a woman; you are meant to be with a man. I am a man; I am meant to be with a woman. You are feminine; I am masculine. Period.

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

I’ve found that modern women often aren’t as modern as they would like to believe. They want a man to pay for dinner, but won’t let him open the door. They want us to carry the heavy box for Ikea upstairs, but want to put it together themselves. Which of course means we must put it together the right way later. Traditional women, on the other hand, swoon when we shower them with masculine chivalry.

Perfect On Paper Equals Perfect Man

Modern women often complain that there simply aren’t any good men, but they don’t give a guy a chance. Or they say they met a guy who is perfect on paper, but for some reason, they still don’t want him. If a man is everything you want, then stop looking. It’s not that theres no good men, it just you prefer the bad boy, the thug, over a man who is highly productive but not as street smart and then you want the men you passed over to come in and clean up your mess. Traditional women don’t sit waiting and complaining about something better to come along, they appreciated having a husband and a father for their children. Modern women need to value that!

A certain amount of independence is sexy, but this emasculating trend that modern women have embraced disrespects the generations of hard working men—and self-respecting women before us.

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