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The goal of an Greeze Films is to invite open and honest dialogue amongst each other to strengthen the family and uplift communities.



A chance meeting with a screenwriter in Alaska set Al Greeze on a path to produce films that would question, test and expose controversial topics, desires and issues that are not often talked about by society or within communities. The goal of an Greeze Films is to invite an open and honest dialogue amongst each other and to strengthen the family and uplift communities. 

After deciding that film making was the perfect avenue to satisfy his innate curiosity about the world around him and his desire to make films that can change the way we see the world and ourselves, Greeze attended the Hollywood Film Institute and found inspiration in film director Spike Lee and actors Jack Nicholson and Denzel Washington.

Greeze’s first full length documentary, ―Frustrated is both controversial and educational. The film gives an opportunity to dispel rumors and hearsay based on an Essence Magazine article about African-American men traveling to Brazil for relationships and tell the true reasons from the men themselves. Greeze explains, ―My goal as a film maker is to make quality films that have a positive impact on society and to not be afraid to spotlight what may be questionable behavior, beliefs or actions so that we can address them and make our world what we want it to be.

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Greeze is the kind of man who believes in his convictions and has always spoke out for or against what he believes in. He believes in strength of body (he works out five (5) days a week), mind, family and community and through his films and the topics he chooses this is evident.