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In this upcoming film Greeze Film’s will explore the culture of Thailand and reveal the differences compared to life in the United States. We will revisit Brazil looking at some business options and living options as well. Through research, personal accounts and testimonies from men who fall victim to these issues and opinions of women, the film unlocks some sincere emotions to these complex issues. I need your help by supporting the upcoming film with donations of $10 and up. A donation of $50 or more will be automatically selected into a raffle where the winner will win an all expense trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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Frustrated 2

“Frustrated Chapter 2, Mama’s Baby, Daddy Maybe,” explores and discusses a combination of very real yet overlooked issues; namely paternity fraud, child support and the unfair practices by the state courts against fathers.

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Through research, personal accounts and testimonies from the men who fall in love or date Brazilian women and the reaction and opinions of the women both in the U.S. and in Brazil, the film touches and unlocks some heartfelt emotions to these complex issues including the economic and educational divide between the sexes and the possibly unachievable roles each places on the other. .

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